Friday, 24 January 2014

A waste of a week...

This week has been what I would call a total waste of a week. I have had the dreaded NoroVirus. I can honestly say it's the worst kind of sickness I have ever had, and that's including the almost 9 months of sickness I had when I was pregnant with Millie! *Touch wood* I seem to be the only casualty, and we are coming to the end of incubation period! 

It has totally knocked me for six. Thankfully the main symptoms have now subsided, but now I am feeling the after effects. I am totally drained of any energy and just generally feel awful. 

What is worse is that my back, which was already getting bad before this week, is so painful.

I think the strain of the sickness has caused my back pain to progress a lot quicker than it would of. It has become unmanageable with painkillers and I am finding it hard to sit, stand, lay. Infact I am finding it pretty hard to do anything! This morning I have spoken to the Doctor over the phone and she said it sounds like I have muscle inflammation. So she has prescribed me tablets and I have to self refer to the physiotherapist. 

I am really hoping that the tablets start to work this weekend, not even on a selfish level. Of course the pain is awful, but to me the worst thing out of all of this is that my Children have not had a great week. Craig has done a great job at being nurse, but poor Millie has spent most of the week watching films! Chester has been at School so thankfully that has kept him entertained in the day, but he has not got his Lego out once this week. We had planned to go to Pizza Hut on Wednesday as a belated treat for Millie's birthday, this is more for Chester to be honest, and he was so looking forward to it. Then I was planning on taking Millie swimming again after the success I had taking her last week. But those things have had to be postponed for now. 

Although both Children, especially Chester, have been very understanding. With Chester even insisting to Craig that they go to the supermarket to buy me some chicken soup as that makes people feel better! It's taken it's toll on them. The last couple of evenings our house have been meltdown central. I think this is out of frustration. Maybe this is my own fault because I do normally give them both nearly all of my time and attention, but nether the less it's not been fun! 

Today I have managed to set up a small activity for Millie (will be posting a picture of that later), but even that was painful enough on my back! 

So here's hoping normal service resumes shortly in this house! 

How has your week been, I would love to know.... 

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