Thursday, 12 December 2013

TOMY Jungle Magic Sounds Aquadoodle review and giveaway!

Millie LOVES arts and crafts. This was Millie a few days ago....

She asks on a daily basis if we can get the paints or the pencils out. I try to get them out as much as I can, but sometimes the last thing my home needs is a load of paint sprayed everywhere! So when TOMY told me about an Aquadoodle mat which also had jungle sounds (as you all know Millies favourite animals are tigers) I was intrigued to find out more! 

If you haven't heard of Aquadoodle before, they are a range of mats which you can draw on with a special water filled pen. Then when the water starts to dry the drawing disappears and you can start again! No mess and no worrying about where you are going to store the 50 pages of artwork your child has just created! Dont get me wrong, I love hanging pictures on the fridge but my fridge can only handle so many at once!

The Jungle Magic Sounds Aquadoodle has an added extra. It comes with a special pen, and when you place it onto the pod next to the animal of your choice it will then play that animals noises when you draw on the Aquadoodle mat! 


Suitable for ages 18 months and up, its a perfect addition to Millies art crate! She is aged 23 months and totally got it straight away. The pen (which requires 2AAA batteries, which are not included) was a little tricky for her to press onto the pod, but she understood what she needed to do and it didn't take long at all for her to hold it correctly. She found it easier to use the water pen on its own rather than in the sound holder. That was until I showed her what happens when she pressed the sound holder and the water pen onto the mat! She has now become obsessed with the tiger and his noises! 


When Chester came home from School he had a go to! He was happy to practise writing the letters he has learnt this week all over the mat! 

I think the Jungle Magic Sounds Aquadoodle would make an excellent Christmas present, its RRP is £24.99 and I think it is a great investment for any toddler.

What do you think? Do you know someone who would love an Aquadoodle mat for Christmas?! Well the lovely people at TOMY have one to giveaway! So for your chance to win one for the little one in your life all you need to do is fill out the rafflecopter form below! 

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