Thursday, 19 December 2013

Thomas & friends: Merry Christmas, Thomas DVD review!

Do you have little Christmas traditions in your house? Well we do here, and one of them is to buy a new Christmas DVD. This year we were actually asked if we would like to review a new festive Thomas & Friends DVD so our choice was made for us! Chester is just starting to outgrow Thomas, although he will still sit and watch episodes on TV. Millie however at almost 2 really loves watching and playing Thomas and trains! 

So Millie and I sat down on a quiet Monday morning to watch the new DVD. It went down a treat with Millie, she laughed, she frowned and she even told the trains they were naughty in some parts! But overall she really enjoyed it. Her only complaint would be that she has to sit through the credits before/after every episode! 

Here is a little more about the DVD ....

Peep! Peep! Join your favourite engines on the Island of Sodor as Thomas & Friends prepare for a magical Christmas celebration in this new two disc DVD collection. Thomas & Friends: Merry Christmas, Thomas! includes six fun and festive episodes.

Its full steam ahead as Charlie discovers how much fun snow can be, whilst Percy gets covered in so much snow that Thomas cannot find him. Salty doesn’t have time for presents and parties until Edward finds him the perfect gift, and the engines compete to find the perfect Christmas tree.

Little ones can also enjoy several DVD extras including guess-who puzzle games and Down at the Station video explaining how real engines turn and change tracks just like Thomas. Thomas & Friends: Merry Christmas, Thomas! Also comes with a special bonus DVD, Big Bang Surprise, containing five additional episodesIt’s the season for Christmas magic with Thomas & Friends!

It has a running time of 138 minutes and an RRP of £12.99

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