Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Croods Blu Ray Review

We lead a hectic life here (not complaining as that's how I like it) so we rarely get the chance to just sit down all together as a family and chill out with a movie. So when I heard that I had been selected by Mumsnet to review The Croods on Blu Ray ahead of its release on Monday 9th December, I thought it was a brilliant opportunity to make time to have a family night in! 

Dreamworks Animation's The Croods it the Blockbuster hit that earned over £26 million at the UK box office! Written and directed by Chris Sanders (Lilo & Stich) and Kirk DeMicco (Space Chimps), it's been one of the must see animated films of the year. 

After watching it this weekend I can totally see why it did so well! 


The Croods is a story about a (cave) family who's cave gets destroyed. Lead by an over protective father Grug, they set out initially to find a new cave, but after meeting up with a young man called Guy they discover whilst trying to avoid the end of the world, that there are a lot more ways to appreciate and enjoy life. It is a really funny, yet heart warming film that we all enjoyed. Even Millie who is only 23 months old managed to sit through the whole film! 

You can watch the trailer here.....

There really is something for all ages with this film. Chester (who is 5) and Millie could not stop laughing when Grug tried his caveman scaring tactics on a monkey, only for the monkey to punch him on the nose! Craig and I thought the way they took photos was hilarious, especially the 'self timer' family shot at the end! 

As much as we loved the Crood Family (and Guy) as a whole, we all had individual characters we loved. Craig's favourite was Grug, he loved the relationship between Grug, Guy and Eep (Grug's daughter) I think secretly Craig knows that he will be like that when Millie is old enough to date so he could relate to it! I loved Eep, she is very strong willed like me! Chester has two favourites he loved Guy and Guy's pet Belt, especially because Belt spent a lot of time saying 'da da daaaaaa'. No surprise to us that Millie's favourite Character was not really a main character but infact a very colourful saber tooth tiger (which we later found out was actually called a Macawnivore)! She is obsessed with tigers! 

We also got a chance to watch the extras (not something I normally do I have to admit), I was really pleased we did this. The highlight of the extras to us was an explanation of all of the animals in the film. Chester especially found this interesting, it was really nice to put names to all of the creatures made for the film. Especially the Piranhakeets, which are deadly red furred piranha like birds. As Chester kept asking us what they were whilst we were watching the film! 

As I said the DVD and Blu Ray of The Croods is out Monday 9th December and it is well worth a watch. Infact, I think it would make a great Christmas present for any age group! 

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