Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sofia the First talking doll and animal friends

Both of my children love Sofia the first, and I will admit that I find the songs in the show very catchy. 
Millie is a real Disney Princess kind of girl so her little face just lit up when she saw The Sofia the First talking doll. It is recommended for ages 3 and over, however I am more than happy to let Millie play with it.


The Sofia the First doll interacts with the included animal friends: Clover the Rabbit, Mia the Bluebird and Robin the Robin - just like in the Disney Junior series! To activate, Millie simply places one of the sculpted animal figures close to Sofia's amulet. Her amulet glows, and the two figures talk with one another!


Millie's favourite is if course Clover. She really loves him in the show and she has a clover plush that she brought in Disney World which she carries around a lot! All together, Sofia and the three animal friends unlock more than 30 phrases!


One thing I was shocked at with this doll, is the size of it. It's very small at only 32.5cm. For Millie it's an ok size. For anyone bigger it's too small. It has an RRP of £44.99, however I have seen it cheaper, it's currently £39.99 in Argos. If the doll was bigger I would say it was worth the full amount. But with the doll being the size it is £30 would be my upper limit on how much I would be prepared to spend. 
The Talking Sofia doll and animal friends is showing as one of the top toys for Christmas on the Dream toys list here at Argos. It was a big hit with Millie, she understood what she needed to do with it straight away. She has been playing with it for almost 2 weeks now and it has been keeping her entertained every day! The fact that it has over 30 phrases is great (from a parent point of view) because you are not constantly hearing the same thing! 
What's top of your child's Christmas list this year? Are they asking for the newest craze or something else?! 

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