Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Something I never thought we would see again....

....arrived in the post yesterday. 

And that something was this.... 


Yes that's right, Millie's shoe!

I haven't got round to telling you too much about our Disney trip yet, but seeing as this arrived yesterday, I will tell the story.

The day that we went to Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party, which was on from 7pm- midnight, Millie, whilst happily sitting in her pushchair, lost a shoe. Yes just one. Not just any shoe either, a Clark's nice and comfy, and a little bit expensive shoe. 

This was at 6.30pm before the party had even started! She needed that shoe! It was dark by then, but we covered our tracks and searched, but sadly we didn't find it. 

I went down to guest services to report it missing, in case anyone handed it in. I explained what had happened to the Cast Member (this is what Disney call their staff), and he went out the back. Coming back with a voucher and telling me to go into one of the shops and chose a pair of shoes for Millie. I was completely blown away by the gesture. That one thing made our evening (in fact the rest of our holiday) much easier. 

The shoe was lost in the first week, so I asked at guest services and lost and found several more times before we came home. But sadly her shoe was not found. 

When we got home, one of the first things I did was go to Clark's and get Millie fitted for a new pair of shoes. Annoyingly she had not changed size and it cost me another £30, but correctly fitted and comfortable shoes are important so I shouldn't moan.

Then yesterday a parcel arrived, it had Mickey Mouse stamped on the envelope. I could not believe it when I opened to find the shoe and a letter, all the way from Florida!

I am totally blown away by the excellent customer service from start to finish! I believe you would not get that level of service anywhere else. 

As if I wasn't missing Walt Disney World enough, this has made my hunger to go back even stronger. We had a fantastic holiday and these little touches made it excellent! 

So I just want to say THANK YOU!!! To Walt Disney World and all the cast members who helped us! 

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