Thursday, 5 December 2013

Shloer has just got even bubblier....

Two brand new bottles of alcohol-free bubbly are now available to add extra sparkle and theatre to your special occasions. Served for the very first time in a celebratory-style bottle with a popping cork, Shloer Celebration is the perfect party starter.

Shloer has long been the alcohol-free drink of choice for those looking to indulge in a glass of something special, but now with the launch of Celebration, Shloer will top the shopping lists of those hosting the most sophisticated of soirées. So even if you are not drinking, you can still enjoy a sense of occasion and sip on a tall glass of chilled bubbles.

The new range comes in two delicious flavours made from sparkling grape juice; so whether you are a glamorous white-grape girl or more of a blushing rosé lady, you can celebrate in style. Keep chilled with plenty of ice, then simply pop the cork and pour.

Shloer Celebration White Bubbly has a crisp and full bodied flavour, using the very best in white grape juices to create the perfect glass of fizz - no alcohol required! Best served chilled.

Shloer Celebration Pink Fizz is a fresh and fruity combination with the vibrant flavours of red and white grape juices fused together to create a beautiful sparkling rosé juice drink. Best serve chilled.

Well, I was recently sent a bottle of the Shloer Celebration White Fizz so that I could give my own opinions on the new and exciting addition to the Shloer family (which now has a total of 9 different flavours by the way). 

I am not someone who drinks alcohol very often, that is my choice, more often than not its because the children are present and its not something I choose to do in front of them. I am a fan of Shloer and I love that this new variety comes in such a sophisticated bottle, with a cork! It does make the occasion feel more special and it is nice to have a new alternative to alcohol for a celebration or even just a family meal. 

So a couple of weekends ago, infact our first weekend back from our dream holiday to Walt Disney World. I cooked a roast dinner. We loved our holiday, so I thought it would be great to have a great meal whilst reminiscing and chatting about everything that had happened over the last couple of weeks. I felt that this was a good enough excuse to get out the bottle of Shloer Celebration. Chester was very excited to be allowed to try a 'grown up drink' as he calls it. Normally we do not allow the children to drink fizzy drinks, but on this occasion as Shloer contains no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings we decided to allow them a glass! Well actually a glass would be lying, Chesters cup of choice was his tankard from Gaston's Tavern! 

Lets be honest, its never going to taste like champagne, BUT it does have a really lovely fruity flavour and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. It went down a treat with our roast dinner! I am now intrigued to try the Pink Fizz variety, perhaps I will buy that one to leave out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve too, I am sure he will appreciate a nice fruity sparkling drink on his busiest evening of the year?! 

RRP for Shloer Celebration is £2.99 per 75cl bottle and it is available in supermarkets nationwide 

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