Tuesday, 17 December 2013

PNP (Portable North Pole)

I first became aware of PNP last year, one of my friends was talking about it on Facebook. For those of you who have not heard of PNP it is an app (or a website if you choose to do it on a desktop/laptop) where you can customise options and input data about your child, so that Father Christmas sends them an email and let's them know if they are on the naughty or nice list! 

Last year I gave it a go for Chester and LOVED it! This year I was given some credits to try the PNP app on my iPad, I was expecting the same as last year, but what I actually got was much better! It was easier to use and actually I think it was a lot more personal to the child. 


I had to upload pictures of Chester or Millie and also pictures of relevant events throughout the year.

There are options to put in information such as age, what the child does (go to School, nursery etc) what they would like for Christmas and mentions of special events. For me the options were plentiful Chester has asked for a Nintendo 2DS so I chose the option games console, Millie has asked for a dolly and that was an option on the drop down. 



When I had entered everything I wanted to I simply pressed create video and it began downloading. I have made 3 videos so far and each one has taken no longer than 8 minutes to download. 


Once the video has downloaded it is in the adult password protected area and there you have the option to make it visible to kids or not. 


I have made a video each for Chester and Millie. Both are very different videos and this makes it more believable for Chester. He is currently on the could do better list, so hopefully he will be receiving another video on Christmas Eve to say he has been put back on the nice list (I can live in hope), Millie is on the nice list. Both children really loved their videos, I will admit I had a tear in my eye watching their reaction to the videos! Chester asks to watch his daily! 

But that's not all! Today I noticed that you could also send videos to adults! So I had a lot of fun creating a video for my Dad. He has been put on the naughty list because he swears to much when driving! Chester thought it was hilarious! 

The videos are a great fun addition to Christmas, we have declared them a new tradition in this house! The app can be purchases on the App Store with premium videos available at an additional cost. 

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