Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Chester's 1st Nativity

So it's that time of year again. Christmas. It comes around so quickly! I really love Christmas time, I love how excited my children get at the thought of Father Christmas coming and I get excited at the possibility it might snow. Wishful thinking on my part every year I know. 

But this year Chester excitement has reached a new level. He has been super excited for the last month, because he has been practising very hard for his very first Nativity play! 

Chester is the kind of child who can pick things up very quickly. He was told some of the songs over the course of 2 days, before we went to Walt Disney World. He was singing them all holiday, and then when he came back he had no trouble at all sloting back in with the other Children, 

Whilst we were away the parts were given out, Chester was given the part of a Knight. Not part of the original story I know, but I think they extended the cast to make sure every child had an important part to play. Every parent wants their child to be a main part you can't deny it. So I will admit that I was a little disappointed to learn that he was given a part that is unknown to the actual story. However, I will also admit that I was the one to take him out of School in the middle of play practise (to go to Walt Disney World mind you) so I only have myself to blame. 

Well yesterday was the day of the performance, and Chester could not of been any more excited! He had worked really hard practicing his two lines so I was excited for him too! 

The performance went really well, the children were all super cute and they all did an amazing job! Chester added his own cheeky spin to it in places (I don't think they were planned)! 


Trying not to sound too boastful, as I really am not like that. But Chester is a born entertainer, even his teacher has told me that! So I was super proud of him yesterday, he looked so happy and so proud of himself up on the stage. 

Yesterday's performance has got me thinking, maybe I should look into acting clubs for him. Nothing serious, just a bit of fun. He has so much energy all the time and perhaps this would be a good outlet for that energy? 

Does anyone send their children to acting clubs/classes. I would love to know your thoughts and experiences on the matter?  

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