Monday, 16 December 2013

A visit to Father Christmas

The excitement in this house has gone into overdrive the last week or so. This is mainly because Chester is so excited about Christmas! He loves telling Millie all about Christmas, Father Christmas and above all, he love to teach her Christmas Carole.

Millie is 2 next month and even though she is still to young to really 'get' it, the excitement has certainly rubbed off on her! We have been watching Christmas movies, Chester's favourite so far seems to be Home Alone. I can only imagine, sorry dread, the ideas he is getting from watching! We have been busy baking, it's my favourite thing to do with the children as I love to be in the kitchen. Chester has even announced that he is going to help me cook the Christmas dinner this year, I was so pleased when he came and asked me if he could help me on Christmas Day. I can't wait to teach him! This week we have got lots of Christmas crafts to keep us busy.

So the final thing on the Christmas to do list (aside from all the presents I am yet to buy!) really was a visit to Father Christmas! Normally I am super organised and have booked a Father Christmas visit fairly early on. But this year I am really behind, so when I did eventually sit down to book the children's visits all of my choices were sold out! I was then going to take them to reindeer farm as everyone tells me how good it is their, hopefully next year we will make it their. But we just did not have a full day spare to make the trip. Eventually I settled for the last place at the Padock Wood Hop Farm. My parents were down this weekend as it was my Mums 50th and we had a surprise get together planned for her, which was not to far from the hop farm so I decided this would be the perfect excuse to get here near where we needed to be that evening! 

The children could not of been any more excited it was super cute, we waited patiently in a waiting area in Father Christmas' hut. Both Children were happily distracted by the snowmen display whilst we were waiting. 

When it was their turn, we were ushered in and Father Christmas then spent lots of time asking them questions and responding to comments. He even told Chester that Skylanders was his favourite game, this totally made Chester's day, he has since spent time telling me how he would be able to win agInst Father Christmas and show him some tricks, Father Christmas then asked them to choose a present from the toy sacks, Chester chose a reindeer teddy and Millie a pink hippo! We had a picture taken, the children were given chocolate coins and then it was time to say goodbye! 

Our picture was presented it to us in a glass frame and was included in the price (£19.50 for 2 children and up to 4 adults) the children were given some Christmas crafts to decorate too! 


It was a really great experience and another thing ticked off the Christmas to do list! 

Have you had your visit to Father Christmas yet? What did your children make of it all? 

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