Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A good decision

I know I have said it before, but I am really pleased we chose to put Chester's School as our first choice for him. 

He only started in September and since then he has come on so much. He can now write his own name because he wants to he can read a few words and by writing his Father Christmas letter a couple of weeks ago he has proved that his attention span has improved! 

But it's not really about how much he has come on to me. The reason I am so pleased with his School is because it is very clear to see that the Children really are their number one priority. They do loads to make their School time very enjoyable. When they first started a party was thrown especially for them, teachers attended despite the fact it was on a Sunday. A few weeks ago they had a movie evening after School where they all were given popcorn and a drink and were able to enjoy a film with their friends, then they each took in a very small amount of money to purchase a couple of present to wrap up for family for Christmas, it was called the secrets room and it was an excellent way for Chester to buy us presents without us knowing what they were. He felt so grown up that day. Lots of other little things have impressed me too, I could be here all day telling you about them. But two other things stand out to me. 

The first one is the Christmas party that they had today in School time. Each child came out with a present from Santa, Chester couldn't wait to open his, so opened it in the car on the way home. It was a large selection box. They got to play party games and were provided with party food. All for free. Now some people may be reading this and thinking what is so special about that, it sounds like a normal School party. But to me (not forgetting that Chester is my eldest at age 5) they have made a real effort and they did a fab job. 

The other thing that has stood out for me is Chester's teacher and her efforts to go above and beyond for him (and the other Children in his class). Chester is generally a good child at School, his first parents evening was a success a couple of weeks back with his teacher telling us how kind and considerate towards others he is and advising us that his learning is on track and that she has no concerns with him. However, last week he was a bit of a challenge to say the least. Both at home and at School. I think it was a mixture of excitement from the nativity and tiredness. So when I approached his teacher to ask her advice and compare what he had been like at School, she was only to happy to have a chat with him at School. But when I came to pick him up, she had gone beyond that, she had contacted Father Christmas himself who sent Chester out a letter via express delivery. He had sent Chester a letter and a laminated reward chart. Explaining that he needed to get 10 smiley face badges in order to get put back onto the nice list. Since then Chester has behaved much better, at home and at School. Of course he has had his moments but on the whole he has been much better. His teacher didn't have to do that, she is extremely busy, yet she found the time to do that for us. 

So forgive me for sounding a bit mushy but I am just so happy that we seem to of made the right choice for Chester and so appreciative that he is clearly at a very caring School! 

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