Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A Christmas painting easy enough for toddlers.

Millie and I are just about getting back into routine since our holiday. Millie misses Chester so much when he is at School. I try to distract her and make it as fun as I can for her. So today we decided to get the paints out, and once again I have Pinterest to thank for this inspiration! 

Millie doesn't seem to mind getting her hands (and feet) dirty at the moment, so I decided to make Father Christmas on his sleigh with a couple of his reindeer. Using Millie's foot, hand and finger! 

We had loads of fun and this was the result....

What do you think? Not bad for a 23 month old! 

We had lots of fun and I have a feeling Chester is going to want to have a go at this when he gets home! I will have to find a bigger bit of paper for him! 

Have you been busy Christmas crafting yet? Would love to know wag you have been making! 

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