Monday, 25 November 2013

We are back.... from the most magical place on earth!

You may of noticed a silence on my blog over the last couple of weeks. That is because we have been on our long awaited and much needed holiday to Walt Disney World! 

We had the most amazing time, creating lots of awesome memories that none of us are likely to forget. 

All my worries about taking the children on a long flight were for nothing as both Children were fine. There is so much to watch on the planes nowadays that Chester barely moved the whole flight, whilst Millie was happy to watch Smurfs 2 on repeat for almost the entire journey! I am also glad we decided to take them at the ages they are (5 and 22months) they both enjoyed it in different ways and we were able to please everyone! 

We had some very sad news on the first day of our holiday, my Nan had passed away. So it was a very sad first few days for my Mum and I, but the Children helped make us smile. Now we are back to reality it is proving a little harder to deal with. 

We pushed through the sadness though and still made sure the Children had a magical time. The first time Millie met Rapunzel and the first time Chester rode Splash Mountain will never be forgotten. The reactions could not of been any better! 

I have so much to tell you, so will keep this post short and write up further posts in sections over the next few weeks to make it easy to read. 

For now here are a few pictures.....

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