Sunday, 3 November 2013

Kiddicare Buzzing Brains Deluxe Kitchen playset review

I absolutely love Chester's imagination, its fantastic. He comes up with some great ideas whilst playing and the smallest of things can set his imagination into overdrive! Millie is fast following in her brothers footsteps and even though she can not string full sentences together yet, you can see the cogs in her head working overtime when she is playing!

At the moment they play together really well, I am aware that when Millie can speak for herself more this may change! But for now, I am happy that they play together.

We were recently asked to review the Kiddicare Buzzing Brains Deluxe Kitchen playset. Something that I thought would be perfect for fueling the childrens imaginations. It is aged 3+ years but knowing my own children I was happy to let Millie play along with it too. She was, after all, being supervised by Chester and myself!


I set the kitchen up one evening when the children had gone to bed, fully expecting it to be a pain to put together. However apart from the small matter of forgetting I needed 2 AA batteries (oops) it actually took less than 10 minutes to put together. The instructions were on the bottom of the box and were very clear and easy to follow.

I will say though that I was a little surprised at the quality of the kitchen base which was very thin plastic compared to the kitchen counter top, which was much thicker plastic and seemed much more hard wearing. Even when put together I had my doubts, my other first thoughts were that the actual oven was not very deep and the kitchen as a whole did seem a little on the small side for the 3+ age range.

I was pleased with the accessories that came with the kitchen, the bottles and cups slotted in the designated holes perfectly, the utensils were the right size for the children and had a hanging space on the mock extractor hood. The sounds for the pot and kettle/jug were very good. My only annoyance with the accessories, which I knew would only be my annoyance and not the childrens, was that the plates have slots on the main post specifically to store them, however, one slight knock of the kitchen and they all fall out.

When I revealed the kitchen to the children the next day, I couldn't of hoped for a better reaction. They both got straight in there and used their imaginations! Millie was happy to serve me generous cups of tea, whilst Chester wanted to cook up a meal, using the bottles of ingredients that came with the kitchen, along with the stove sounds to help him. As predicted nothing really fits into the oven very well, but this has not stopped the children playing with it!

We have had the Deluxe Kitchen playset out to play with for just over a week now and I can honestly say that they have played with it everyday. Chester especially making up his own imaginative ideas, the kitchen has been a central part of a cafe, a fuel stop for his Skylanders and even a training kitchen, where he spent the best part of 2 hours teaching Millie how to be a chef!

Despite my initial reservations, my children have reminded me to look outside of the box so to speak. This kitchen is just right for them and they have had so many hours of imaginative play from it. So with an RRP of £29.99 (with the current price being £14.99) I can happily say that it is a really lovely addition to our toys that fuel imagination collection, and I would recommend to any parent with a child who loves imaginative play.

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