Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Jolly Tall book review

When I was growing up I distinctly remember the Old Bear books. I remember the illustrations catching my eye the most. Jane Hissey (the Author and Illustrator) has got a real talent for making the soft toys in the books look, well, soft!

Jane has written and illustrated over 20 picture books featuring soft toy characters that belong to her family and friends. Her ‘Old bear’ series of books won worldwide acclaim and featured in a BAFTA award winning TV series.

A new paperback edition of Jolly Tall from the Old Bear range has been released. It is full of those familiar colourful illustrations and the text has been slightly abridged.

We were kindly sent a copy to review. I have to admit that I had never read this story, but I am very pleased that I can now say that I have!

The story is about the day when a strange package arrives in the nursery. Everyone is puzzled. What on earth could it be? Little Bear is sure it’s full of treasure, but Duck has his doubts. ‘It’s probably empty,’ he grumbles. But when the box speaks, it is clear that something much more exciting than treasure is inside.

Well thats as much as I am going to let on, but I think it is a lovely story with wonderful illustrations. Chester agrees with me and he is 5! The story is recommended for Pre-School children, I would disagree with this slightly because Chester is of School age and loves it, yet Millie is almost 2 and her attention wandered a couple pages in! It is 32 pages long so perhaps a little long for young children.

The RRP is £6.99 I have seen it on Amazon for £4.64 I think that around the £5 mark is a perfect price for this book.

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