Wednesday, 27 November 2013

It's that time of year again ... Letters to Father Christmas!

Because we have been away, we are a little behind on our letters to Father Christmas. Seeing as the deadline is 6th December I thought we'd better get a move on! 

So after School on Monday we sat down and discussed the letters. Chester decided he would ask for a Nintendo 2ds and a couple of Skylanders. So I wrote a draft for him and he copied it out on his own bit of paper.....

I have to say that I am super proud of Chester's effort. Before we went away on holiday he was showing no interest in writing at all. He COULD write his name but most days he could only be bothered to write the C and the H! So this letter is a massive improvement! 

Next it was Millie's turn, I am sure at the age of 23 months she has no real idea of what is going on. But when I asked her what she would like she said a dolly and Bolt toys. She really loves the film Bolt so that was no real surprise, but sadly apart from the Bolt plush (which she has) there is no merchandise to buy. 

Looking back at my post about writing to Father Christmas last year I can see that Chester has asked for the same thing! A year on and he still loves Skylanders! I can also see that Father Christmas' address has changed slightly. So now it is: 
Father Christmas
Santas Grotto
Reindeer land 

If you are sending him a letter, make sure you put a 1st class stamp on your envelope and he will reply! 

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