Saturday, 16 November 2013

A modern twist on picture frames - Truprint review.

I am a keen photographer. I have been since I was about 8 years old. Something I remember clearly from my childhood is sending off my films in a yellow envelope to Truprint. Then a week or so later having my pictures arrive in the post. One 6x4 and 2 smaller, wallet sized, pictures that needed to be cut off. The amount of pictures my family took, we spent a lot of time cutting those smaller pictures off! 

Technology has moved on a lot since those early 90s days and now most photography is digital, and we can now order prints online. 

Truprint have embraced that and offer a large selection of photos, and photo gift ideas on their website. 

I have been given some credits to try out some of their products and the first thing that I have gone for is an A5 Acrylic block. 

It's a modern twist on a photo frame and with my parents recently moving into their new home I thought it would fog well with their decore. 

It was a really easy order process, I could upload from my computer or straight from Facebook. I chose to upload from my computer because I wanted the picture to be of the original high quality. I did have a little problem with the picture I used. With the Truprint bots saying that it was not high enough quality so would come out grainy. So I chose another. 

Delivery was the same time as I remember as a child, just over a week. 

This is what arrived....

Overall I am pleased with the block. It is of good quality and the photo looks good. There are two things that I would change and they are the gap around the edges and the corners. The corners are very sharp, I would be concerned to have this in my house incase the children ran into it. So if the corners could be rounded that would make it great! 

I gave this to my Mum and Dad and they were thrilled with it, it will be a great addition to their new home. 

I will be reviewing some more products from the Truprint range very soon so watch this space! 

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