Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Winnie the Pooh TOMY stack, pour, post and play toy review

We are REALLY big Disney fans in this house, and if you didn't know that by now, where have you been?! We are now on a countdown which is at less than 1 month until our big Walt Disney World trip, so as you can imagine every other sentence is Disney related in this house at the moment!

So you can imagine how delighted Millie and I were when this turned up a couple of weeks ago...

Millie instantly exclaimed Pooh bear! 

At first glance it looks like your average stacking cup set. However, we discovered it is A LOT more than that! Its name is Winnie the Pooh Stack, pour, post and play.

Yes, stacking cups is part of the fun and Millie has had a great deal of fun doing this. The cups are bright, vibrant colours. With pictures of pooh, tigger and eeyore on them!

The next exciting part of the toy is the honey pot shape sorter. Millie loves to problem solve, so these were an instant hit with her. Although with only three shapes I was opening the honeypot lid A LOT! 

But Millie's most favourite thing about this toy....

Yes, that's right. They can be used in the bath. The stacking cups each have different holes in them. Millie loves the pouring and scooping of water with this stack and pour. It has caused much longer bathtimes! 

My favourite thing about It is the fact it all fits neatly inside the honeypot to store away! 

The Stack and pour is recommended for children aged 6-24 months, Millie at 21 months is at the top end of this age range, however, having witnessed how much she loves to play with this, I can see her playing with it for a lot longer. 

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