Friday, 18 October 2013

Who's in charge of the TV remote in your house?!

That's a question certain to cause a big debate isn't it?!

In our house I think everyone would agree that it's me that is in charge of the TV remote! Of course, I let the children watch some programmes in the morning and after School but apart from that it's mainly me that chooses what we watch on TV. On the three evenings I am at work Craig gets his tv time! It actually works out quite well and there are rarely any arguements because Craig and I both like the same kind of programmes. The only arguements tend to come from Chester when he wants to watch his programmes and Millie is watching hers! Luckily Millie is quite chilled out and will happily sit and watch Ben 10 with her big brother! 

When I was growing up my Dad was in charge of the TV remote, to be honest he still is. When we go to visit, not even Chester or Millie get to rule the remote! I don't mind that either though as me and my Dad have similar TV likes. I am not your typical girly girl, I love football and darts. I also used to love watching Star Trek and X Files with my Dad. We rarely had arguements because my Mum was so busy pottering about she didn't care what was on TV! 

BrightHouse have uncovered some amusing and enlightening statistics about remote control use (and abuse!) in our homes and have produced the TV Remote Habits infographic. Battles for the remote, zapper or doofa have long been fought in the family living room, so why not take a look and see how other families do battle.

It's interesting isn't it?! What do you call your remote? Maybe we are boring because we simply call it the remote! 

I would love to hear who is in charge of the TV remote in your house?! Do you think new technology and the fact most of us have the ability to record and pause TV programmes, has changed the arguement of the remote?! 

*this post is in collaboration with BrightHouse 

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