Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Some far away treats....

Today we received some exciting post. It was from my Sister. You may remember me mentioning a little while back that she was going traveling around the world for a year. She has actually started a blog about her adventures. She is having such a great time and I am enjoying reading along! 

Chester and Millie were both very excited. They both really miss their Auntie and Uncle so any mention of them gets them all excited!

Most of what was inside were clothes that had been made for us in Vietnam.....

The children's clothes were adorable, most are cool enough for our Florida holiday, which by the way is now VERY close! 

There was also a treat for me in the box too! I knew about this one because I asked her to get it for me and I had to send my measurements over.....

A lovely (well needed) made to order coat! As it was made especially for me, it was a perfect fit and I am so happy with it! My sister and my Mum both have one as well, but different colours! So we will be coordinating when we all meet up in winter months! 

As Millie had a few extra clothes, my Sister put some extra little gifts in for Chester. One of which we can not work out, even with the video instructions that were emailed over to us! Chester was so pleased though! 

Then the last gift in the box was an awesome 'magical' dragonfly each. They are totally awesome, and Chester and Millie have spent all afternoon showing them to me! 

So a big thank you to my Sister for sending us this little parcel, it has made us all smile today! 

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