Sunday, 13 October 2013

So relieved

You may remember earlier in the year, I was getting myself in a right state over Chester's School choices. I was unsure if we had made the right choice, he would know no one there but my mothers instinct was telling me it would be good for him.

Well he has now been there a month, 2 weeks full time. Since he started full time We have seen a big change in him. He is getting on well, picking up what he is being taught. Today I sat with him to do his 'homework' which was to see if he could attempt to write the letters they had learnt this week. They were s, a, t and p. He amazed me when he copied the s and the a perfectly, them after practising the letter t with his finger he also gave that a good go. P was a bit difficult for him and he drew it back to front and sideways. I can't decide if that was because he was tired or because he is left handed like me. I vaguely remember my sister doing similar when she was little and she is a leftie too. 

But more importantly he is getting on well with his class mates, he is mixing well and seems very happy. I think at this age being able to form friendships is quite important. He is loving his time at School and always seems to go in with enthusiasm and happily tells me about his day when he comes home. 

I have been observing how the teachers are around the children, I think it's natural as a mother to worry about your child! But having seen how they react to the children and how they have tackled a couple of little issues with Chester, I can honestly say I am very happy that we decided to go with that School. He attended a welcome party today and that was great, teachers gave up their own time to be there and older class's parents put a lot of effort into organising it. At the end of this week he will be staying for a special movie night put on especially for the children's enjoyment. Everything about his experience so far just seems really good. It's a refreshing change from his Nursery days! Everyone is happy, they communicate really well and seem genuinely interested in making sure your child is happy and doing as they should.

It is such a relief for me that he has settled in well. My little boy is growing up so fast! 

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