Friday, 18 October 2013

I have made another story sack!

You may remember earlier in the year that I made a lovely Dear Zoo story sack. I am really proud of it and both the children absolutely love it. Chester and Millie are both really into books, just like me. I have  always read to them, Chester is now learning words and recognising them in books which is great. Millie, at 21 months, is still really a look and point at the pictures kind of girl and that great too. They are both happy to 'read' to themselves or snuggle up with me!

So I thought it was about time I made another story sack! 

This time I kept it simple.....

I really love the story Peace at Last,  I remember it well from my childhood. Because of the different things and sounds that are keeping Daddy bear awake, there is lots of room to expand this story sack. 

But for now this is what I did...

I got a plain white pillow case and used felt to decorate the front of it. I printed out a couple of nursery rhymes, round and round the garden and twinkle twinkle little star. Then laminated them. I wanted to create a game, so I cut out some teddy head shapes on green and red felt and then drew a simple naughts and crosses/tic, tack toe type of grid. I laminated that. It occurred to me that Millie might not grasp that game yet so I then created 2 pretend plates and laminated them (yes. I love to laminate). I had some scraps of felt that I used to create food shapes, so we have got some slices of bread, some fillings including honey, jam or ham. Plus some fruit and veg, oh and also some biscuits! So together that created a teddy bears picnic! 

The last thing I did was add 3 teddy bears. I have not given this story sack to the children yet. To be honest I am debating keeping it for Christmas, what do you think, shall I leave it for Christmas or cave in and give it to them now?! 

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