Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Happy Birthday Chester!

Yesterday we celebrated Chester's 5th Birthday. How is it possible he is 5 already?! 

In our family life, we have had a bit of a bad week with lots of sadness, so I wanted to make sure that whatever happened, Chester still had an awesome and Happy Birthday. 

So Craig and I decorated the living room the night before with banners and balloons. Placing all his presents on the sofa so they were waiting for him when he got up in the morning! 


His Birthday also happened to be his first full day of School so we were aware that he would need to get up early if he wanted to open his presents before he had to go to School! He woke at 6am (which is a lye in for Chester!) saying that he tried his hardist to stay asleep but he was just so excited! 

It probably took him less than 10 minutes to open his presents! He is the kind of kid who rips them open very quickly and then takes a proper look at everything once it is out of wrapping! Getting him to School on time was a miracle! He loved all of his presents, I would say his favourite things were the Trash Pack items that Millie chose for him a walking robot and his Tablet. But having said that he is thrilled with everything! 




What was lovely though, was how appreciative he is this year. He spent all morning and then all evening saying thank you Mummy (and Daddy) I really love all of my presents. Totally melted my heart! 

Chester had a lovely day at School, he said they sung Happy Birthday to him, then at the end of the day he handed out a pack of haribos to each child, which he loved doing! 

The late afternoon was spent building Lego, this seems to be Chester's new craze. I love that he will happily sit for long periods creating Lego models. I helped him to build this house, which was a birthday present from family. 


As Chester is having a Birthday Party with his School friends next week, he requested that we go to Pizza Hut for tea. He had a lovely time and the restaurant staff kindly gave him a balloon and sung him Happy Birthday which he was really chuffed about! 

As he will have a proper cake for his party, I just got him a tray bake for his Birthday....

He went to bed a very happy, but extremely tired 5 year old! 

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