Monday, 28 October 2013

Easy Halloween crafts

So today Chester woke up and told me that he really wanted to make pumpkin and bat decorations to put in our window for Halloween. He said that they would remind people that Halloween was coming.

I asked him how he wanted to make them (I wanted this to very much be a child led activity) and he told me his idea was to use some cardboard to make the pumpkin and bat shapes and then he would paint them orange and black. But he would probably use a little bit of green because that's his favourite colour don't you know! 

So I found a cardboard box I had laying about and began cutting the shapes. My drawing of a bat is laughable but Chester was happy! 

Chester and Millie sat at the table, where I had set up some paints, and they got on with their painting! 



Millie was clearly more interested in painting her hands and finger painting! Chester had lots of great ideas and he ended up making a 3 eyed monster pumpkin! 

We also had a go at making spiders, using just hand prints! I think both children did a great job for a first attempt! 



We had lots of fun and best of all the activity was totally led by the children! Now we have some lovely homemade Halloween window decorations! 


Do you like to do child lead messy play in your house?  

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