Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Chester's 5th Birthday party

Chester's birthday was last week, but as it was the first week of full time School we decided to leave it a week before having his party. For two reasons, one because all the children would be tired the first week and two because I wanted to give Chester a chance to get to know everyone properly first. 

We decided to go for a soft play party, because our local one does a really good deal. If you have a weekday party (after School) you can have upto 30 Children, play for an hour and a half, then dinner, an ice lolly and party bags for £100. All I needed to do was supply the cake. 

Because you can have upto 30 children I decided to invite the whole of Chester's class. I think his teacher thought I was slightly mad when I handed her the invites! Almost all of the children said that they could come, then with Millie and a couple of other siblings that totalled the 30. 

I was a little nervous about the whole thing, I did not know any of the parents when Chester started and I really wanted to get to know people more. Craig was at work so could only get back for the last half an hour. But most of all I was nervous because I just wanted Chester to have a great party. 

The calm before the storm.....

Well, I needn't of worried. Chester and his friends had a fantastic time. He seems to get on well with everyone, and everyone was happy to play together. It was really lovely to watch their friendships!

It was sooo hot in the room though and Chester did a great job of telling the children to go and get some squash refills! The other parents are all really lovely, I think I managed to chat to everyone! Millie was a bit clingy, I think it was all a bit overwhelming for her, one of the Mums picked her up for me a few times, which was really helpful. What was really nice was that lots of the Mums were really happy to offer their help, so it was nice to know I wasn't entirely by myself!

When it was time to go get dinner, Chester made the parents chuckle. Everyone was told to get in line, so Chester took it upon himself to make sure everyone did exactly that! Telling them where they needed to be and then moving them about so they were in exactly the right spot! Little monkey!

The dinner was really lovely for the children, they had a selection of the usual buffet items. Sausage rolls, sandwiches, chicken nuggets etc. Then they were all given Mini Milks! Then it was time for the cake, and Chester was very happy to see that I had got him a Skylander cake! Of course because there were 30 children one cake was not going to be big enough, so I had a back up Monsters University cake too! 

Soon after that it was time for the party to come to an end, I handed out all of the party bags and we said goodbye to everyone.

We all went home absolutely exhausted, well I say all, Craig was only at the party for the last half an hour so he was not as exhausted as us! Chester was so happy, he had the most fantastic time. Needless to say that both Children needed hardly any encouragement to go to bed after bath time! 

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