Saturday, 5 October 2013

A week of downs and ups

This week has been pretty tough, and I suspect it's about to get a whole lot worse. Sadly my Nan is very poorly. So all of my attention has been on her and my family. 

This of course has meant that Craig has had to hold the fort at home, he has done a great job at keeping everything as it should be for the children. Until last night I had not seen the children since Tuesday, and that was so tough. I have missed the majority of Chester's first full week at School, which I am sad about. Millie needs her Mummy too and I have missed our first full week of Millie and Mummy time.

By Wednesday Chester was being a bit of a monkey at School, he even had to go to the head teachers office. His teacher wrote a letter home, and luckily between us all we seem to of managed to nip it in the bud before it got any worse. He has been well behaved for the rest of the week and his teacher has no concerns. I am really pleased with the way his teacher and the class assistants work with the Children. Chester was used to being the king kid at Nursery, which they let him do and I hated. But at School, especially this week, they seem to of sorted that out. They say that he is a popular child and gets on well with everyone. 

My high of this week, (second of course to giving my children cuddles yesterday) was when I helped Chester with the hand soap. He said to me 'S (sounding the S phonic) is in soap, but it's also in my name Mummy'. His face just lit up when I told him he was right and well done! He then went on to explain that he had learnt that at School, as well as P and A. He showed me the phonic actions to go with the sounds. I was so proud of him! First full week at School and he has already been able to concentrate enough to learn 3 phonic sounds! 

So a very down and up week for us, let's see what next week brings....

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