Monday, 2 September 2013

Uniform. Done. It's almost time!


Yesterday I spent the day making sure Chester's School uniform was ready. 

I had a bit of a panic first thing when I realised that the School jumpers we had brought from the uniform shop were of a slightly different shade of blue! Luckily I took them back into the shop and they were more than happy to swap them for me! 

Then after laying everything out on the bed, I realised that he could probably do with one more pair of trousers. The thing is, Chester will be 5 just 2 weeks after he starts School, however he has got such a tiny waist that even with the adjustable waistband the age 5 trousers were still to big! Not knowing when he will have his next growth spurt I have brought him a mix of age 4 and age 5 trousers and shorts. So off we went to buy one more pair of age 4 trousers! I also brought another pack of polo shirts, he has School logo ones but I have brought plain ones as spares. 

Next it was home to wash all of the uniform, I am one of these people that puts all the washing in together regardless of colour. Washing is probably my least favourite chore, its never ending and sorting colours is just something I do not have time for, so I normally just add a colour catcher and hope for the best! But with Chester's polo shirts all being white and his trousers and Jumper dark, I decided that I would, for once wash whites separately. Luckily it was a lovely day yesterday so everything was hung out on the line and dried really quickly.

I then had the task of ironing on name labels. Yes, you heard me right, me and ironing in the same sentence!! I am not a fan of ironing unless it involves Hama beads! I was actually surprised at how easy the labels were to iron on, I suppose only time will tell if they are going to stay put! 

By the time I had finished ironing, hanging and putting away it was the evening, so I had spent all day on the uniform task! Boring! But I am so glad it is done and all ready for my grown up little boy to wear in a couple of weeks! 

How have you found the uniform labelling? Have you had to make any last minute dashes like me?! 

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