Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The last thing on the to do list before School starts...


So today, the last thing to do before Chester starts School next week was ticked off of our list. 

His teacher came around for a home visit, along with the class room assistant. Over the last two weeks she has been busy visiting each of the 30 children who will be in Chester's class, and today was Chester's turn.

I was amazed at how shy Chester was at first. Just before they arrived he was happily playing Lego with me. As soon as the doorbell went he went to hide! Very unlike Chester! 

But he soon settled and was happy to play some of the games that the teaching assistant had brought with her... on his terms of course. 

I think the visit was a really good idea. The teachers get to see how Chester behaves in his own home, whilst they explained to Craig and I what would happen in Reception class. 

We also got to ask questions, and had a chance to tell them any concerns we had. I was advised that l should not be too worried that Chester has a really short attention span, or that he thinks he is king kid. As she is used to it and does not think Chester will be the only one. Phew! 

Chester was excited to show the teachers his new School shoes, and of course his Skylanders! Luckily the teachers know all about Skylanders from last years Children! He was handed an invitation to a new starters party, which he is now very excited about, especially as he is allowed to dress up. Naturally, his dress up choice was decided within seconds... Iron Man! 

He was given a book to put in his book bag, I was excited to see that it was an Oxford Reading Tree book. I have fond memories of Biff, Chip and Kipper stories from my days at Primary School over 20 years ago! 

So that's it, that was the last to do before he starts his Primary School journey next week. Although I am happy for him, he is totally ready for it. I just can't believe he is at that stage of life already! Where have these past (almost) 5 years gone?! 

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