Monday, 9 September 2013

Sofia the First Soundtrack review

Both of my Children are really in to Sofia the First. I won't lie, I have been know to be engrossed in an episode or 3 myself! Chester may be a boy but seeing as Disney is such a huge part of our lives, he has seen all Disney films and programmes. He enjoys the programme just as much as Millie! 

Millie adores Sofia, she has a Sofia plush doll, which we had to purchase after she would not let go of her in the shop! She rarely lets go of her a month on! 

The programme is bright, colourful and full of lesson learning fun! It also has some really catchy music, so when we were offered the chance to review the CD soundtrack for Sofia the First there was no question about it. We were more than happy to review!

So, if you are unfamiliar, Sofia the First is a programme that is aired on Disney Junior. It is a story about a little girl called Sofia, who's Mum marries a King. Making Sofia a Princess overnight. It follows Sofia as she learns the ups and downs of being a Princess. Of course each episode has a moral to it and lots of catchy and upbeat songs to sing along to.

The TV series, aimed at kids ages 2-7, features a voice cast that includes Ariel Winter (Modern Family) as Sofia, Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy) as Queen Miranda, Wayne Brady (Let's Make a Deal)  as Clover and Tim Gunn (Project Runway) as Baileywick.

Naturally, the next step was to release these songs onto a CD so that children could enjoy the songs they associate with the programme wherever they are! We have been listening to the CD in our car and it has had a lot of playing!

The Sofia album has 13 songs and all of the songs have that real Disney feel to them. A couple of them would even be perfect Disney Parade songs (in my opinion!) This album was a real hit with Millie and Chester, it has been so cute watching Millie dance away (mostly in her car seat!) and her most favourite song being the one from the Castle Trolls episode... Make some noise.

This is the track list....

1. Sofia the First Main Title Theme - Cast of Sofia the First

2. Anything (feat. Sofia) / Cast - Sofia the First

3. Princess Things / Cast - Sofia the First

4. Make Some Noise (feat. The Trolls and Sofia) / Cast - Sofia the First

5. Cedric the Great (feat. Cedric) / Cast - Sofia the First

6. Royal Fun (feat. Sofia) / Cast - Sofia the First

7. Perfect Slumber Party (feat. Amber and Sofia) / Cast - Sofia the First

8. All You Need (feat. Sofia and Vivian) / Cast - Sofia the First

9. Blue Ribbon Bunny (feat. Clover) / Cast - Sofia the First

10. I Belong (feat. Sofia) / Cast - Sofia the First

11. The Goldenwing Circus / Cast - Sofia the First

12. True Sisters (feat. Sofia) – Sofia The First

13. Rise And Shine (feat. Sofia) - Sofia

I will unashamedly admit that during the warmer weather last week, with the windows down, we were getting some very strange looks at the traffic lights, when I was singing along! No shame haha!

The Sofia the First album is a really catchy and upbeat album, Both Millie age 1 and Chester age almost 5 really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to any Sofia the First fans. The album can be purchased at various online retailers including Amazon where prices will start at £5.20.

You can get a taste of what music to expect below....



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