Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Second week of School and the washing machine knows it!

This week is Chester's second week at Primary School, we are now at the end of day two and I can say that already, the fact he is doing mornings instead of afternoons is better for him! Although next week when he finally goes full time will be great for him!

So far this week the highlight for him has been the fire drill. The excitement lasted all day on Monday! I suppose when you think about it, it is a very exciting thing for a 4 year old. He has never experienced any kind of fire drill before and I love that he was 'teaching' me what I would need to do if there was a fire. As much as he found it fun and exciting having to line up on the 'pretend grass' (astro turf) as he calls it, I am pleased that he also managed to listen and take on board the important things!

He has come home a lot less tired, more chilled out and very happy. I think this is mainly because he is starting to make friends. I am really happy for him, he seems to be settling in well. Its a learning curve for me too and whilst the first week I was nervous every day he went in, this week I seem to be just as chilled out as him. I am starting to chat with the other Mums and everyone seems really friendly and happy to include everyone in their conversations.

But the main thing I have learnt about my first borns first couple of weeks at School is how grateful I am for my washing machine!  How did they cope 'in the olden days' without one! Chester is a very active and messy child. This has certainly become more apparent over the last couple of weeks, and as I am really obsessing about keeping his white polo shirts white, I have had the washing machine on with uniform 3 times a week!

This week I have learnt from my mistakes of last week and not let Chester get dressed until AFTER breakfast. But he is now having his lunch at School and I can not be there to stop him spilling food or drink on his nice clean clothes! We have had lovely Autumn weather this week and long may it continue because my line is full of clothes every day!

I am now very excited to see how he gets on when he starts full time next week, the first day of full time being his Birthday, which he is VERY excited about!

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