Friday, 6 September 2013

Panama Jack sunscreen review

We have been sent some Panama Jack sun care products to test not only here, but also on our Florida holiday in November. So I will do another write up after the holiday too. But over the last couple of weeks we have had plenty of opportunity to slap on sun care products here in this country. So I just wanted to let you know our first thoughts...

This is what we were sent....


A lovely selection of products. I have decided to keep the SPF 50 spray and aloe gel for Florida. So will give a full review of those after that trip.

I will admit that I am slightly obsessive when it comes to sun care. This is due to a really bad experience on a family holiday (to Florida!) when I was in my early teens. We had been to a water park for most of the day and sun care had pretty much been forgotten after the first application. It was only when we got back to the hotel that we could see the extent of my sunburn. My face was so puffed up and sore that I could barely open my eyes! I felt so ill. Yet my parents still felt the need to drag me out to Planet Hollywood for dinner! No one else was burnt, we all used just the one application of sun cream that day, yet I was the only one that burnt. 

So you can see why I am so over cautious with Chester and Millie when it comes to sun care. Both of them hate the sun cream routine, so I was very pleased when the Panama Jack sunscreen spray turned up! I have never used sunscreen spray before, so was very interested to see how it works.

Normally I always use factor 50 for the children and myself, but decided to try the factor 30 for now. On the bottle it claims to to be a continuous clear sunscreen spray, which is water resistant up to 80 minutes. A non greasy formula with quick and even coverage.

So firstly I sprayed my own arm, for two reasons. Firstly to see how it sprayed, I didn't want it ending up in eyes etc! And secondly to see how my skin reacted to it. I have the most sensitive skin of us all and I am pleased to report it caused no reaction on me. 

Next it was the children's turn, Chester first. I simply sprayed it on his body, arms and legs. Then rubbed it in. The whole process took less that a minute and best of all their was no moaning from either Chester or myself! I repeated the same on Millie, with the same results. 

I used the Panama Jack SPF 30 kids sunscreen lotion on our faces, I understand they also do a specific face stick, which I will look into getting, as this would come in handy in Florida. But for now the lotion did just the job. I used the tropical lip balm on my lips too.

We have used the sunscreen quite a few times now, on the beach twice, in our garden, in the local outside pool and at the park. I can honestly say that I am more than happy with the results. No one has been burnt and we have only had to apply every 3 hours or so. It has proved that it is as waterproof as it says, it is non sticky, quick and easy to apply and it smells really nice! There is a very small amount left in the spray so I would say it was good for 4/5 days use. 

The Panama Jack products can be purchased on their website and the spray sunscreen has an RRP of £12.99. This is more money than I usually spend on one bottle of suncare. BUT I have never before brought sunspray, looking at other products on the market and after using it ourselves, I would be happy to pay that price. It has done everything it says it does and has gone above my expectations! 

Keep a look out for my next review, apparently Panama Jack is very popular over in Florida. Its hardly surprising that it worked so well in this country when it can cope with the sun and heat of the sunshine state! 

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