Wednesday, 25 September 2013

New beds!

For a little while now Craig and I have been contemplating putting Millie into a bed. She is a little climber just like her brother, and her cot was proving to be less of a challenge for her! So a few weeks back after lots of discussions we went ahead and brought bunk beds! 

We live in a two bedroom house, and whilst I would love for the children to have their own rooms, buying a bigger house is just not an option for us at the moment. I am sure in a few years it will be, so I am pretty certain it's not going to be forever! 

Maximising space is always top of the list for us. Whilst they have a fairly spacious bedroom, by the time you add two beds and a wardrobe into it there is not much room left for playing or storing toys! So  we took the decision that a wooden bunk bed with drawers underneath would be our best option. 

The beds and new mattresses were supposed to arrive on Saturday, but surprise surprise 5 minutes after our allocated delivery slot had finished we got a phone call to say they were not coming! Luckily they offered to deliver on Sunday morning, although this still inconvenienced us as we had arranged for the children to stay at their grandparents and we were now behind. Not being able to take down their bed and cot until the new ones arrived. 

Anyway, they arrived fairly early and this is what we were faced with once we unpacked the box.....

I could of cried! 

We started at around 10.30am and at 5.45pm this is what they looked like.....

It was totally worth it though when we got the reaction we did from them....

We still have a few bits to do in their room to make it complete, but so far we have managed to put back in (after having a major cull) the wardrobe, 2 toy units, a book shelf and a few bigger toys. 

Millie calls it her ah ahh ahhh bed because it has Ariel (little mermaid) on the cover! She is being a little monkey and getting up to play toys (even in the middle of the night!) but we remember Chester doing the same so know that we have to just let her get on with it for a bit, before she realises that it really is bed time! 

Chester has been really sweet, he thanked us loads when he saw it, he could not believe that he had a big boy bed that was THAT big. He also loves that his little Sister is sleeping in a big bed and that she is below him! 

Can't believe my babies are growing up so fast! 

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