Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Wish list for Winter

Can you believe it’s nearly the end of the year already? I will admit that I have been kind of wishing this year away, seeing as our holiday is in November!  

I'm already thinking about Christmas…even though it’s a couple of months away yet, I'm already starting to get a bit nervous about sorting everything. Christmas with two young children is never short of hectic, as I'm sure many mums will agree. I have pretty much sorted the childrens presents but its everyone else I struggle with!

Since it’s getting colder, I'm going to have to get the winter clothes out – evenings snuggled up with the kids and the husband under a blanket watching a Disney movie sound perfect to me. 
This time of year really is my favourite, so here are a few things I'm coveting right now.
These things are adorable! I'd love to get one for Millie, as she has curly hair, like I did as a child, this would make my life a bit easier in the mornings! Obviously she would want the ‘Princess Pink’ one, and it would be great to help her start to brush her own hair too.  
Chenille Spot Throw

How cosy does this look? It would be fantastic to get snuggled under this with a cup of hot chocolate after the kids have gone to bed.
It’s about time I got a new nightdress, and this one is just so cute! I wouldn't even be that embarrassed to answer the door in the morning wearing it. I don't really like buying clothes online just in case they do not fit, but I noticed Figleaves have an online fitting room – isn't it amazing what technology can do these days.
Pretty much anything from Soap and Glory is bound to be gorgeous. I'm very eager to try out this body scrub – Soap and Glory products I have tried before have been lovely and always make me smell gorgeous!
Well, obviously chocolate had to be in this list somewhere right?! This really is the yummiest drinking chocolate I've ever tasted – though it should definitely only be for a treat!

What’s on your winter wishlist? I would love to know!

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