Sunday, 1 September 2013

Family party, almost farewell time.

Well, it's been a hectic weekend here (what a surprise). This weekend was a little different to the normal, we had a family party to help with. My Sister and her boyfriend are starting a year of traveling next week, so yesterday they had a farewell party.

At the last minute I was asked to make some cakes, so Friday was a very busy day for me. I was baking from 8.30am, and only stopped for 2 hours in the afternoon to take the children to a local farm!

The farm was great, it's only a little farm, free entry and has a really lovely walk. Chester loved teaching Millie all of the animals, especially the ostrich! Millie took great delight it trying to kiss all of the animals, she actually did manage to kiss a goat, weird child! 


The baking went well, I only had time to make two different types of cupcakes, so I decided on chocolate chip and coffee. I was also making some sunglasses cookies, I decided to make those ginger with green and pink icing. I love baking, but Friday was stressful! 


So Saturday morning we were up bright and early, to travel over to my parents house. I left Chester and Millie helping my parents set up for the party whilst I nipped out to grab some bargains in the Sainsbury's toy sale! On my return I found Chester doing a great job of helping, Millie had given up and was happy to be watching some Disney programmes on TV! 


Eventually just in time, everything was set up and we were ready! My Sister had put a map up and marked out the destinations that they will be traveling to. My Dad, as usual, did a great BBQ and my Mum did a great job of putting up decorations and getting everything ready. 

It was great to catch up with some family members, Chester and Millie loved it too. Chester especially liked the water fight he had with my Uncle! Millie loved chatting to some other babies! 

As the party didn't end until late, we stayed at my parents. It was nice for the children to wake up and spend time with Nannie and Grandad. Chester and my Dad painted a little plane together, which was cute. Then my Sister and her boyfriend gave Chester his birthday presents, as they will miss his Birthday (and Millie's). 

This time next week my Sister and her boyfriend will be en route to their first destination, I am happy they are going traveling. However, I am not sure that Chester is. I am sure I will blog my thoughts on it all after they have gone next week. 

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