Thursday, 19 September 2013

Faber-Castell stationary review

I love arts and crafts with the children, and they both seem to love it too. Chester's attention span is starting to be long enough for him to draw and create his own pictures now and Millie just loves to scribble!

A short while ago we were sent some lovely new stationary products from Faber-Castell to review.

With my Sister going on her travels for a year it was perfect timing for Chester and Millie to try them out whilst making her a leaving picture to take with her.

We were sent a Faber-Castell connector bucket, The fun and innovative “connector clips” allow children to create their own designs and models, as well as create their very own master pieces.

Chester thought these were amazing! He spent a lot of time creating models (mainly of new Skylanders that he has invented!) The pens were great for making their pictures, so many colours and shades (50 to be exact) to choose from, and I loved the fact that they all connected back together and stored away in the pot neatly! At £14.99 they are great value for money!

Here are their pictures for Auntie Sarah...

Needless to say my Sister was totally made up with their homemade gifts! 

We were also sent the Scribolino propelling pencil, it supports the skills in a child's first years at school.
Its ergonomic barrel promotes the ergonomic triangular shaft and provides the highest level of writing comfort. We have had a go with this and it seems to be great, Chester finds it easy to grip and we will be using this lots more during this first year School. It is only £3.95 and I feel that is a great price. 

Faber-Castell have also come up with another great idea... childrens party bags The Faber-Castell party bag kit is ideal for children's parties with a fantastic selection of colouring goodies. The pack includes: 10 x Faber-Castell red plastic party bags, 10 x Faber-Castell 12 GRIP erasable Crayons and 10 x Faber-Castell Fun Fish Sharpeners. Simple and easy to fill, with room for additional goodies or a slice of cake. A great way to end a great party!

We were also made aware of a really cool FREE app for the ipad called creative kids. It's easy as pie: step by step the app illustrates how moving images and animations can be created with paper, colour pencil and iPad. Children's fine motor skills, creativity and imagination are playfully trained at the same time. Its is a really cool app and to be honest I think you really have to download it (from the app store) and see for yourself how much fun you can have with it. It has given both of my children plenty of fun, not to mention distraction whilst waiting for food in a restaurant! For Chester he really likes to copy what the app is telling him and draw what is asked, whereas Millie is happy for me to take a picture of her dolly, add the picture to the frog so that she can make her dolly eat flies (you really do have to try it yourself to see how much fun it can be!)

All of these Faber-Castell products (and lots more) can be found at

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