Monday, 16 September 2013

Chester's first day!

Ever since the summer holidays began 8 weeks ago, Chester has been desperate to go to School. Today, he finally got to do just that!

He is starting with afternoons this week, mornings and lunch times next week and finally full time from his 5th Birthday onwards. 

Since he got up this morning, all he wanted to do was get to School, so it was very hard for him having to wait until the afternoon. 

It was finally time to get him dressed into his uniform and I have to admit I had a tear in my eye. He looked to grown up!!



After lots of pictures and triple checking we had everything we set off, but not before one last picture....


We were early, so we queued up outside the School gates with everyone else.

During this time Chester told me that there was no need for me to come in, he was fine by himself! Obviously I did go in with him!

When we got into his classroom he was asked to find his peg and then his name on the table. He recognises his name so found both with ease. It was then time for me to leave, by this time he was happily deciding what table to play at first and was not worried at all that I was leaving. I had a few tears on the way back to the car, and even thinking about it now chokes me up. 

Millie and I then went to the supermarket and had the longest browse EVER! I didn't want to go home today, there seemed little point when he was going to be there for less than two hours! 

When it was time to go pick him up, Millie and I were ushered into the playground with the other parents. Where we waited eagerly until Chester's teacher let them out one by one! 

Chester was full of chatter and excitement, he could not wait to tell me all about his afternoon. He (and the rest of his class) had been shown around the whole School, they had played with play doh, read a story and met their buddy's. It all sounded very exciting! 

Needless to say Chester is extremely excited about going back tomorrow! 

I am so relieved his first day went so well!

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