Thursday, 22 August 2013

Warburtons - livening up family lunch

Warburtons are aiming to liven up family lunch times, and as part of this campaign they challenged 2 families to liven up their lunch. Battling it out to win a years supply of Warburtons bread.

You can watch the fun filled video below...

I think that the campaign to liven up lunches is a much needed one. I will admit that our lunches certainly need livening up! I get into the same old routine and before you know it the children are requesting Peanut Butter sandwiches every day! I actually am not really a fan of sandwiches, this is because I am bored of the same old thing, day in, day out.

Recently we have tried the Warburtons Sandwich thins (the ones featured in this video) and also the Warburtons square(ish) wraps. Both have certainly put a new twist on lunch for us. I personally prefer the sandwich thins, they are a welcome change to a regular bread, and I am using them to help keep my weight loss on track. The children prefer the wraps, and normally request I fold them and cut them into 'fingers'.

The video has certainly got me thinking, and I now think I will be more conscious about adding different ingredients to our lunchtime sandwich routine! The children love their meat and veg but I tend to stick to sweet or easy fillings, but now I am going to try and make lunch times more adventurous and fun for them, incorporating salad and such like in the sandwich rather than just a side order on the plate!  

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