Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer Ice lollies!

Last Wednesday, for once, Craig got to come with us to a blogging event! I was really excited about this because he is always working so never gets to join in the fun!

It was even better that the event was for Beachdean Ice Creams new range. All of us love ice lollies, our freezer is always stocked up. What is even better about this new range is that it is themed. There is a Orange Spongebob Square Pants ice lolly and a Strawberry Dora the explora ice lolly. How cool is that?!! Chester is a MASSIVE Spongebob fan, to the point that we have had to limit his viewing time! Both children are Dora fans too.

We arrived at the event, which was being held at a cinema in London, on time (miracle!!!!) and was greeted with the option to choose an ice lolly OR Spongebob ice cream straight away!! We each tried one, as predicted Craig, Chester and Millie all went for a lolly and I went for an ice cream. The lollies were a big hit and it didn't take them long (even little Millie) to polish them off! I had the Strawberry flavour ice cream, which was deliciously creamy and very flavourful!

Whilst we were at the event we were lucky enough to also get to watch a newly released film! It would've been rude not to have an ice cream whilst watching a film wouldn't it?! So we tried some more!

Millie enjoying the film! 
I can see that the lollies especially would be a great hit in our house, as soon as they are available to purchase I will be stocking up our freezer!

Whilst we were there, Chester and Millie were also given a colouring sheet, for a competition to win a family trip to Blackpool Pleasure beach. Well Chester's eyes lit up at the very mention of this, although never been there he knows full well that is the home to Nickelodeon land, where lots of his favourite characters live!

Both children spent a lot of time on their colouring in, Chester even decided to change the vanilla ice cream to Strawberry because that was his favourite flavour of the day apparently!

Here is Chester's

and here is Millie's

Hopefully the ice creams and Lollies will be coming to a supermarket near you very soon!

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