Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Spending some quality time with Chester - a trip to the cinema

Today I FINALLY managed to tick something off of our Summer holiday bucket list! I took Chester to the cinema to see Monsters University.

As these are the last few weeks before Chester starts Primary School, I am determined to spend even more quality time with him than usual. I am really going to miss him, when he is at School 5 days a week.

So making use of Craig now having Wednesdays off of work, Chester and I arranged to go to the cinema this afternoon. We left a little early, as the cinema we went to is in a shopping centre so Chester asked if we could look around. We are really trying to teach him that he can not be brought something all the time or in every shop we go in, so I agreed. To my surprise (and relief) Chester was well behaved in the shops. Yes he picked things up and told me he liked them, but as soon as I explained it was his birthday soon and that he needed to add it to his list of things he would like, he was fine.

When it was time for the film, I brought Chester a kids popcorn box and we settled ourselves in our seats. We then had to sit through 25 minutes of adverts before the film started. This was a bit of a pain because Chester was starting to become fidgety before the film had even begun!!

The film was great, we both really enjoyed it (hardly a surprise when we are all Disney mad!) Afterwards, I took Chester to Krispy Kreme for a chocolate sprinkle doughnut. I really love Krispy Kreme's but as I am on my last week of the Diet Chef diet I resisted the urge and did not have one! I am so proud of myself for this, a month ago I would've told you there was no way I could turn down anything sweet. I have surprised myself!

Chester started becoming a bit naughty just before we left to go home, and I think this was due to tiredness. I am now starting to wonder if his testing behaviour over the last month or so has been due to tiredness. I think I will monitor this over the next few days.

So overall we had a great Mummy and Son day (the second in a row, look out for that post very soon!), hopefully I can squeeze in a couple more before the holidays are over!

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