Monday, 12 August 2013

Smurfs 2 - The toys!!

 Last weekend, Chester and I got up extra early so that we could attend the Smurfs 2 toy launch event in London.

Chester is a Smurfs fan, he loved the first film and he see's the new toys being advertised on TV all the time at the moment. So he was very excited! A few days before the event I mentioned to Chester that he could dress up like a Smurf if he liked and that he would be entered into a competition. He thought a lot about this and decided at first that he wanted to be Hackus (the new evil smurf like creation), but then changed his mind and wanted to be Gargamel. I had just about sorted his outfit, when he changed his mind for a final time and wanted to be Papa Smurf! So it was a bit of a last minute dash and in the end Chester decided that he wanted to make a Papa Smurf beard and hat! It was all his idea, I just cut out the shapes and gave him the materials! Very proud of him for doing it all by himself!

 We got to the Odeon in Covent Garden and were greeted by lots of Smurf grown ups. They entertained the children and taught us all how to do the Smurf handshake. Which, I might add, Chester is still doing now!

We got to watch Smurfs 2, which for Chester did not disappoint. He is a fidgety child, yet he managed to stay still for (almost) all of the film!

When we had finished watching the film, we were split into groups and worked our way around various fun activities. Chester got to have his picture taken with Smurfette, he got to go on a treasure hunt where he managed to solve one of the clues and find one of the Smurfs. But the thing he enjoyed the most was looking into the Smurf village!

Jakks Toys have released some toys to coincide with the release of Smurfs 2, we got to have a look at them whilst we were at the event and I must say that for children of around Chester's age of 4 they are great. Chester is at that imaginative play stage at the moment and he is desperate for the Smurf  Mushroom house play set.

Here is a little more information about the toys....

The lovable blue characters make a welcome return to cinemas nationwide through Sony Pictures Animation this summer, with the Smurf Village-dwelling heroes once again pitted against the evil machinations of wizard Gargamel. Introducing some weird and wonderful new Smurf faces alongside much loved Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Clumsy and more, fans can now collect sets of figures seen in the movie and re-create classic scenes using new Jakks’ play-sets and accessory packs.

Featuring highly detailed articulated 2.75” figures plus individual accessories, the new collectable Grab ‘Em Single Packs include some of the Top 10 Characters from the animated movie including Grouchy, Clumsy, Papa Smurf and the two new Naughties: Vexy and Hackus.

Home Sweet Home to the adorable Smurfette or Papa Smurf, open the door to one of two Mushroom House Play Sets each with distinctive red or pink roof and matching window decoration. Both sets come packed with themed role play accessories including individual Smurf character figure.

Measuring 3 apples high, Smurfette has been transformed into a 7.5” Fashion Doll complete with fabulous mix and match outfits to brighten any blue day! Simply snap on one of her Smurfy dress combinations, add a stylish accessory, pop on shoes and Smurfette is ready for anything! With flowing stylable hair and a unique Smurf Berry scent, this glamorous jet set Smurf has everything she needs to help her stay up to date with the latest Smurf trends!

Available from leading toy retailers nationwide this summer, find out more about Jakks’ Smurfs toy range at

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