Sunday, 25 August 2013

My thoughts, coming into the last year my 20's

This time last weekend it was my birthday, my 29th birthday. It was probably the first birthday that I have not really been excited about. 

To be honest, I am quite sad about being 29, it means I have got less than one year left of being in my 20's. 

My 20's have been great, I met Craig the same year I turned 20. We have brought a house together, got married and have had 2 Gorgeous children. During my 20's we have visited my most favourite place on earth, Disney World, twice. That will change to 3 times by the time I reach 30 next year.  Although I have done a lot of growing up in my 20's, I think my Disney obsession shows I am still a big kid at heart!

It frightens me how quickly time passes by, it saddens me every day to think that one of my friends did not even get past this age.

I have done so much in my 20's, I have so many happy memories, I almost don't want it to end. Yes, I have had some bad times too, I have lost a friend to Cancer and had some pretty bad times with  some family members. But I wont dwell on those bad times, I wont get down to that level, I am better than that. The good times far outweigh the bad. The birth of my Children being at the top of my good times. 

 I have learnt that am a pretty emotional person, perhaps that is down to my hormones since having the children?! But it has taught me to show my emotions more, it's ok to show I am not happy with someone or something. Those that matter will understand. I have learnt who my real friends are. Moving an hour away from my childhood home, and our friends and family, has shown who is still willing come visit us/stay in contact, and equally who we are willing to still go and visit. So now we have a small group of people that I am proud to call friends. 

But most of all I have learnt that life is full of challenges and it is also what you make it. I am a busy person, that is because there is so much I want to do and see. But on the flip side of that I have needed to slow my life down slightly to watch my Children grow up. That is by far the most favourite part of my life right now.

So, in conclusion. My thoughts are that I will be sad to leave my 20's but I am going to make sure that they go out with a bang, and that this year will be an awesome one! 

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