Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Lollipop Festival 2013

WIf you have been reading my blog over the last couple of months, you would of read that we were super excited for the Lollibop Festival this year. I went last year with Chester and my Dad and it was a big hit with Chester.

This year the venue had changed, it was at Queen Elizabeth Olympic park in Stratford. Craig was able to come with us this year, and it was Millie's first time too. Was really nice to do something together as a family. Getting there was really easy, all the tube stations we had to go through had lifts, and then it was just a 10 minute walk from the station to the venue.

We went on the Sunday, and from reading other people's comments from previous days, we knew it was best to get there early. So we arrived at around 10.15am! 

Now Chester's main want was to go to the Skylander area, this was quite far back so we persuaded him to look at other areas on the way through. I took Millie in the duplo area, whilst Chester played with some WOW toys. He still really loves WOW toys! 


We were also distracted (a lot) by the Barney Bear tent. Those bears are yummy!! Plus Chester got to play a cool game where he had to search for insects and the tablet app made them come to life!! 


When we finally got to the Skylanders tent, Chester put his name down for a competition. Which meant we had to come back later. This was fine, Chester was happy to play the new SwapForce game and check out the new characters. 


When we did return for the competition, Chester and 9 other children battled it out to complete a level. It was great to watch them all! Chester did not win, but he was very happy to receive a runner up goody bag along with the others! 


Millie loved seeing Poppy Cat on the main stage, as it was early I was able to sit near the front with her.   Chester really wanted to go see Optimus Prime so Craig took him over whilst I took Millie to the River Island t shirt design tent! 



From reading lots of people's thoughts, I was a bit worried we would not get to see or do what we wanted to. But I can hand on heart say, the children did everything the wanted to and more! Yes, it was busy, that is to be expected, but the queues were quick and some things such as little tikes town we managed to do more than once! Whilst eating our lunch we sat and watched dick and Dom on the main stage, the children thought they were hilarious! 

Something that I really want to mention before I end the post is the fantastic Kattoos! They were being given out just past the entrance. Basically, they are a temporary tattoo with a difference. They are applied to children, then with a special pen you write on your contact details. The Kattoo is meant to last a few days. I am so impressed with them, that I have ordered some for our Florida trip!

We stayed until just after 4pm when the kids were starting to flag. All in all we had a fantastic family day out with lots of fun and laughter. There was plenty to keep both children entertained and interested.



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