Monday, 5 August 2013

Little arty hands review (and discount code!)

I don't know about you, but I really struggle to find a place to put all of my childrens art work! At the moment, a lot of it is stuffed in big bags, hidden away in the understairs cupboard. Chester is only 4 and if I am struggling now, then how bad is it going to get in a few years time. When he is bringing home artwork from School?!

Recently I was asked to review a Little arty hands book, the book is a different kind of photo book. It is designed to be a place that you can preserve your child's work in one place.

Its a great idea, the website is easier to use than other photobook websites and you can create your book all in one go (it doesn't take long at all) or you can save and come back to it.

It is a 30 page hardback bound book, using luxury 120gsm paper. This is not the same paper that you normally find in photo books, its more of a matt finish. You also have the option to add more pages (at an extra cost).

I chose to create a book for Chester's artwork, as Millie is only 1 Chester has accrued more artwork than her. I chose a blue cover and then I alternated blue and green borders around the photos.

What is nice is that you can title each page and then you can add a description underneath the picture.

The only thing I didn't like was the part before the description where you can name the Author. I didn't like this, so left it blank. However, when I received my finished copy it had still printed Author rather than deleting it. So my book looks a little silly. So if you do order one, just be mindful that you do need to fill that part in, it is not optional. Another thing to point out is that the space for the pictures is not adjustable, so you have to be careful that you are not cutting off some of the picture (as I have done on one page).

The book is a lovely keepsake, something I can have on our bookshelf for many years to come. A lot easier to store than the originals!!

The book costs £24.95, which I think is good value for what you are getting. BUT I have been lucky enough to be given a 30% off discount code to share with you!! Meaning it will only cost you £17.45, bargain!

The code to use is DISCOUNT50

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