Monday, 12 August 2013

Its back to School - well Cupcake decorating School for us!

Last week, Chester and I set off for a Mummy and Son day in London. Our destination was a cupcake decorating class in a venue just off of Oxford Street.

Chester really loves helping me bake, and I just really love to bake. So it was something we were both really looking forward too.

We were all gathered around a big table and shown some decorating techniques by Lynsey (from Cakes by Lynz) and it was only when I got home and researched further that I realised that Lynsey is in fact based in Dartford, so if like me, you are in Kent I suggest you go take a look at her creations as they are fantastic (and delicious)!

Lynsey showed us two different techniques on how to pipe the icing onto the cakes. She then showed us how to make flowers, butterflies and ladybirds to go on top. After we were shown, Chester and I were raring to go. Chester was full of ideas of how to decorate his 6 cupcakes (yes that right, his, he was not in a sharing mood by this point).

I was actually very impressed with how Chester decorated the cakes, he took a lot of time to get everything in just the right place. He was ever so proud of them and so was I!

The purpose of the cupcake decorating class was actually to tell us a new product that would help us clean up afterwards, and as Chester is a bit OCD about cleaning (he really puts his Mother to shame) Chester was extremely excited about this part of the day! I must add that I NEVER let him clean without my supervision!

Mr Muscle Touchup Cleaner is a very easy to use kitchen or bathroom cleaner, you just put your cloth/sponge/paper towel on the top of the bottle and press down once or twice. It is meant for quick cleaning, and is perfect for cleaning up after a baking session with the kids! Each bottle (it currently comes in two fragrances citrus and ocean shore) has approximately 240 dispenses. As I mentioned before Chester loves to help me clean, and with this product I was more than happy to watch him wipe the surfaces after I had put some of the product onto a paper towel for him. It is a mild formula, yet it cleans great, both fragrances are lovely, they are not strong chemical smells at all, very pleasant. They can be used on pretty much any surface apart from unfinished wood. Having used it a lot over the last week, I can say that my best use for it is cleaning up fingerprints from the windows and patio doors! It does not leave any smear marks and really is very quick and easy to use! As a busy mother, I can thoroughly recommend it! Look out for it this month in a Supermarket near you, the RRP is set to be £2.99, in my opinion it is totally worth its money!

We had a fabulous day, Chester is still talking about it. He even made me go and buy some flower icing tools!

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