Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How times have changed.

Chester's Birthday is next month, he will be 5. When I was 5 I am pretty certain I got a Silver Cross dolls pram for my Birthday. Whilst I am not expecting Chester to want a dolls pram, I was a little taken aback when he asked for an ipad!! I will add that is not all he has asked for. He has a long list of toys too, mainly TMNT, Moshi Monsters, Trash Packs and Skylander stuff!

When asking other parents about this, it seems he is not the only one! I didn't even have a walkman at aged 5 let alone my own computer!

I have had a long discussion with Craig about it. The issues we have with Chester wanting an ipad, are that we do not want him to become one of these children that just sits on his computer all day. Neither do we want to expose him to some of the sites on the internet. However, on the flip side I do believe that technology has changed, and computers have become part of everyday life. I mean, it would be pretty hypocritical of me to question the need for a computer, when I myself use one daily?! I think we just have to accept that times have changed in the 24 years since I was 5!

Whilst there is no way we would buy him an iPad at that age, for starters it would be bashed about within a week! We have decided that a cheaper tablet could be a birthday option for him. We are in a different generation now, when we were younger we did not have such technology, but had we of done so, would we of been allowed to have a tablet? I dont't know the answer to that, maybe I will ask  my parents.

Of course, we would have to make sure we are the ones to add apps and it would be password protected to stop Chester getting on anything else. I would also be aware that we would have to limit his time on it per day, and also make sure that he spent plenty of time practicing his actual hand writing (he can already type in his name on to our laptop!).

So I would love to know your own opinions on this? Would you give your 5 year old a tablet computer? I am of course very open minded and do not expect everyone to have the same opinion as us, I am just interested in others opinions on the matter....

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