Friday, 23 August 2013

Getting closer to the first day.

Today, armed with Craig's parents, I went School shoe shopping for Chester. For the very first time, my little boy needs School shoes. 

How is he going to School in 3 weeks time? How? 

When he tried on the shoes, he looked so grown up. At first he didn't want to try them on, I suppose it must seem a bit boring to him. Shopping for plain black shoes. No flashing lights or bright coloured trainers! He soon got in to it though and eventually settled on these...

Very smart don't you think? 

To be honest, I think Chester's reason for choosing these shoes was that he got a free flashing bracelet! But after looking and trying on loads, these shoes did seem to be the most hard wearing, and they do look very smart! 

So another growing up milestone has been reached for Chester. I am so proud of him, but at the same time a bit tearful that he is growing up so fast!

How has the back to School shoe shop been for you? Are you organised for the School year, or do you still have a couple of bits still to get like me?! 

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