Thursday, 15 August 2013

Disney World Pin trading.

The childrens very first Walt Disney World trip is getting closer and closer. I am constantly thinking about the trip now. I have even started to pack a few things away in their trunki's to keep them entertained on the long flight over.

After lots of research I have also decided to let them both do some pin trading whilst we are there. I have aquired some pin's from past trips and buying some second hand. I have never done it before, but I do think it will be something that the children will both really enjoy.

The basic idea (from what I can gather) is that you have a lanyard that you pin some Disney badges (pins) onto. Then when you spot a cast member with a pin lanyard, you can take a look, if there's any that you like you can ask to trade one of yours for the one that you like.

The problem is, that I am actually super excited about this pin trading. So excited that I want to join in too! I know that I am going to have to look away when the children choose to swap a pin that is totally awesome for one that I think is not that great. I am toying with the idea of getting my own lanyard and a few pins to do my own pin trading. Do you think that is taking it too far? Am I too old for pin trading?! I can't decide?!

I have a pin that was given to us during the year of a million dreams, our honeymoon trip. I would never trade it, but I would love to proudly display it and tell people the story behind it!

I would love to get to understand more about the different types of pins too, I know there are cast pins, hidden mickey pins, rare pins and normal pins. I would love to be able to understand which ones are good to have and good to swap. Anyone got any tips for us as a family just getting started?!

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