Friday, 16 August 2013

Diet Chef, Week 4 and final thoughts!

I have been a bit slow in writing this last update on how my 4 weeks on the Diet Chef diet has gone. I have purposely done this, as I wanted to also see how it affected my eating after the diet had finished!

Week 4 seemed to go really slowly, I think this was because I knew that I would soon be able to enjoy eating together as a family very soon! I stuck at the diet for the last week, having only one hiccup along the way (when Chester and I went to a cupcake decorating class!).

For some reason I was certain that I had not lost any weight, so I was pleasantly surprised when on Monday I stepped on the scales to find that I had lost another kg! So in total I have lost 6 kg, which converts to 13 lb!! Almost 1 stone in 4 weeks! WOW! I am so chuffed with myself! When I started the Diet Chef diet 4 weeks ago, never did I think that I would lose as much as that! Knowing how awful I am to sticking to any kind of diet, I have really surprised myself! It is really noticing on me, I feel better in myself and my clothes are all loose!

The other surprise for me, and in a way I think this outweighs the weight loss for me. Is the way I am thinking about food. The first week of the diet, I was thinking about all the things I would need to have as soon as the diet finished. I was thinking Chocolate, cakes, sweets, big meals. On Monday when I finished the diet I barely gave those things a thought! Its not that I do not like them, its that I do not need them! On Wednesday for example I bought a packet of biscuits, I had two. Craig, Chester and Millie ate the rest of the packet. So Craig, then went and brought me a replacement pack. Rather than eat them, I put them in the cupboard to save them for another day. I would like to say they are still there, but sadly Craig and the children ate them last night. This is a massive achievement for me, I could never of had a packet of biscuits in the house without eating them! I am now making sure that I make time to eat breakfast, and although I am now happily eating toast (after a month of porridge overload), I do not go over the top. Lunch has been really nice, I am appreciating the food more, and eating less. A sandwich and fruit is plenty for Lunch, I do not need the crisps and chocolate bar too. My portion size at dinner is now reflecting that of the diet, and I am feeling full up afterwards.

Of course, I am not saying the diet is perfect, I have had a few problems along the way. Such as the inconvenience of  having soups at lunch time when you are out and about. Or the fact that by the end of the diet, as much as I liked the majority of the meals, eating microwave meals every day was not something I looked forward too.

However, the positives far outweigh the negatives. PROVIDING I can keep the weight off. This week, I have consciously tried to eat well, and correct portion sizes. I have put on 1 kg (2lb). A little bit of weight gain after coming off of a diet is expected, as long as it stays at only that I will be happy.

Was the Diet Chef diet worth it? For me, yes it was. I am someone who finds it hard to stick to diets. In the past, I would be good one day and unravel it all the next. I have found the Diet Chef diet easier to stick to than others, because it has all be prepared for me. The most I have had to do is add a few vegetables, rice or pasta! So no excuses that I couldn't be bothered to cook.

I am feeling really positive about my weight loss, and am really hoping I can keep in under control now.

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