Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dear Zoo spin and say. Book review!

I am pleased to say that both of my children are still massive Dear Zoo fans. You may remember that Chester and I went to the Dear Zoo 30th birthday celebrations last year, the story is still read just as much now, a year on. We also made our very own Dear Zoo story sack earlier this year, which has gone down a treat! Nowadays Chester likes to 'read' the story to Millie!

So a little while ago we were sent a brand new version of Dear Zoo, a spin and say version. I made the decision to let Millie have first dibs on the book. It's a hard back book, with spin holes perfect for Millie's 19 month old fingers. Of course, I am not a totally mean Mummy, I just wanted Millie to have time to explore before her excitable brother jumped in and took over!

As I have said, Millie is already very familiar with the original story, so she was very excited when she saw the cover! She loved that she could spin, she used her favourite phrase 'what's that' a lot! Each page has got a new question and new pictures to explore. Since Millie loves to count to 3 her favourite page was the how many page! 

The what are we called page was another favourite, Millie was introduced to some new animals. We spent time not only practising their names, but also their sounds!

This new spin and say version really engaged Millie, she will happily sit and 'read' it to herself or bring it over to us to read together. The fact that she gets to spin, therefore effectively letting her choose what she wants to land on and talk about, has really kept it interesting for her. 

I then let Chester have a play/read, and was pleasantly surprised that he really enjoyed it too. He is almost 5 so he was engaged in a different way to Millie. I was able to ask him extra questions about the pictures and he was happy to point out interesting things to me too!

The RRP is £9.99 I think it is worth this, the children have both got so much out of it.  

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