Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A perfect summer day

One of the things on my Summer holiday bucket list was a trip to the seaside. Hastings to be exact. We went a little while ago and the children loved it. The arcades are great and the fairground rides are cheaper than others we have seen. 

Hastings is also the place both Craig and I spent lots of time when we were children. Not together obviously, we didn't know each other then! It's not our closest seaside, but it is still only an hour away. 

So today, we arranged to go to Hastings with Craig's parents. They both had the week off and Craig has Wednesday off, so it was the perfect day to go.

We arrived at around lunchtime and had a picnic on the beach. Chester and Millie had a paddle in the water with Nannie and Grandad, and then flew a kite with Daddy.

We then took a stroll along the seafront to the arcades, where Chester managed to get lots of 2p's out of his grandparents!!

They have a funfair the other side of this amusement, tokens to the rides are only 50p each. With some rides only being 2 tokens each, I think this is good value. Chester enjoyed the dodgems  with Daddy and Millie had a go on the carousel with me. Although Millie was not keen riding on a horse so she chose to ride in the carriage instead. Typical Princess Millie!

By this time we all wanted an ice cream ....

Chester really wanted to play some more arcades, so we changed up some more 2p's and had some more fun! This time we won a few little prizes from the 2p machines, including a despicable me Minion. Both Children were so pleased, I can see there being lots of arguments over minion ownership! 

After a nice stroll through old town we grabbed some chips and went back to the beach, watching the world go by whilst we ate them. 

One last thing we wanted to do before going home was to go to the rock pooles and look for crabs. Chester and Millie were in their element here. Although every one of us either fell over or cut ourselves on the rocks we still had a great time and even managed to find some crabs, hermit crabs and some little fish! 

All in all it was a great day, one of the best so far this summer! 

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